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Mobile Marketing
We help marketers build audiences, reach audiences, and optimise for results by delivering all the capabilities needed to succeed on mobile.

Market audit
In the framework of market auditing we analyze the competitors context, consumer demand and the dynamics of supply channels. In addition, we analyze the business strategies of these companies, the ideology of the existing brands and the understanding of the audience, starting with the consumers and the employees of the company.

This complex analysis allows us to determine market possibilities in terms of consumer motivations and economic attractions and choose a proper path towards company development or separate products. This understanding allows the client to make more strategic decisions in the future, and increase profits.

Strategic Planning
Based on the conclusions of our market audit we unlock the understanding of the competitors, the peculiarities of the consumer, and the distinguishing characteristics of the organization. We formalize a philosophy that is necessary to create in the conscious of the consumer, and of other audiences. Starting off with our business strategy, we offer a direction for brand development and describe in depth how we can reach our goals in terms of product offering, supply channels, pricing politics, and intriguing marketing communications — right up to the point of evaluating the necessary investments and the forming of a calendar of attack.

Operating Decisions
The opinion about the brand by the consumer may be formed with the assistance of advertising communications - advertising, PR, and so forth. But the final picture is formed by the results of the company working with the product. We illuminate the more critical points of company/client participation. We then describe the consumer experience, which the client should receive. Finally, we help develop standards and procedures that serve the client, helping them to ensure that this experience is attained.

Product Evaluation
The product results are evaluated based on the creation and development of the brand from the point of view of the relationship between the business results and the investors. We evaluate the brand both from the financial and strategic points of view. For example, understanding the cost of the brand in relation to other properties helps to solve problems that may arise during budget development and consideration of business opportunities.

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